Writing about Richarlison’s big-money move to Everton now, a week since news broke of an impending deal on Friday evening, seems almost outdated. Competitive football is still half a month away, and the young Brazilian has hardly had a chance to inspect the toilets at Finch Farm, but modern footballing guidelines state that transfers must […]

Craig Cathcart glided down the steep hill, mountain bike rattling beneath him. Reflected in his sunglasses were the jagged peaks of the Alps, drenched in sun. He rolled to a stop alongside a reoccupied Troy Deeney and turned to see what was taking his attention. The laughing captain was enjoying a helmeted Jerome Sinclair cautiously […]

That’s it. It’s a wrap. You can all start spending your weekends on other things. At least the four weekends until the World Cup starts. If you happened to miss the final instalment of Watford’s season against Manchester United, it consisted of dominating for most of the game, having more shots, producing about ten underhit […]

Williams Velasquez. You know him right? Watford player. World Cup runner up. Don’t recall? How about Eduardo Montenegro? Luis Suarez? No, not that one. Watford fans used to be intimately familiar with every player on the club’s books. Until a few years ago there were only ever about 25 of them. But with the riches […]

In Greek mythology, Orestes has a pretty hard time of it. The son of Agamemnon, King of Mycenae and the one who’s a prat to Achilles during the Trojan War, he comes home one day to find out that his dad has been brutally murdered while he’s in the bath by the Queen, Clytemenstra, and […]

What a bloody mess. Marco Silva has been sacked after 24 games at Watford, a week before the end of the transfer window and with the club peering over the edge of a precipitous fall back into the Championship. Things like this usually set off the usual spurts of football tribalism: ‘our player can’t be […]

Why do those committed few go to youth team games? Is it to encourage the future of the club? To let them know that they are supported as they take their first steps into an often harrowing and lonely journey to professional football? Is it to embrace the community of a football club, one that […]

Slotting away the third and decisive goal at Newcastle on Saturday, his second for the club, Andre Gray immediately circled the goal and held his ears to the Watford fans located some miles above the pitch, fixing them with a steely death stare. This was a response to the by-no-means universal but vocal derision of […]

Summertime and the living is easy. Football is back again and amidst a world full of toss, this meaningless game is once more giving us a chance to escape into a box of concrete and forget our pains. We drew 3-3 with Liverpool. And there were three things therein that particularly pleased me: When Jose […]

This ‘Deeney Day’ found the skipper in perhaps his most precarious position since he wrote himself into Watford folklore by kicking the ball very hard at a time when everyone else’s legs had turned to jelly. It’s now been four years since that moment, a period in which Troy has been made the highest paid […]