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Top Five Moments: Part Four

For our fourth installment we’re making a chronological leap to the final day of the season. That is to say the final final day of the season. It was a day that didn’t live up to its billing, in any respect, but the match itself was reward for an extraordinary season, and did still have […]

Top Five Moments: Part Three

It’s January. Watford have hit their stride. The Hornets are desperately trying to catch the eye of the flirtatious play-offs. What they need to stake their claim is a jazzy, impossible to ignore mating call… 3) “Battocchio” Goal vs Huddersfield (19.01.13)   Abdi. The begloved midfielder brings a Huddersfield clearance down on his chest and […]

Top Five Moments: Part Two

We continue our look at the moments that made this season great. For our second trip into the memory banks, we take a step off the pitch, and into the Legends’ Lounge… 2) The Fans Forum (01.11.12) We’re playing fast and loose with the word ‘moment’ here, but bear with us… The Charlton game showed […]

Top Five Moments: Part One

It’s June. It’s time to box up the season and shove it up on the shelf, though maybe in a jazzier ring-binder than in years gone by. With other fine sites of this parish like bhappy and Vital Watford getting their summative player reports in bright and early, it falls to us to take a different approach, so here […]