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‘A=B’: Watford 2-2 Udinese 02/08/14

There is a distinct air of uncertainty wafting around Vicarage Road this August. Watford fans, once bitten twice shy, are reticent to approach the coming season with anything resembling outward optimism, fresh from finally getting the last remaining egg from their faces after a relatively disastrous campaign last year. This despite the re-signing of two […]

One Year On – How This Season’s Signings Got On (Part II)

More of the same, I’m afraid… Faraoni, Davide With not one but two top, top clubs on his CV the hype machine went into overdrive with ol’ Davide. Which makes him all the more disappointing. Unlike some, he’s not been a disaster, but then again it’s pretty hard to see why he’s had such storied […]

Match Reaction: Derby (H) – 19.10.13

As Saturday’s 3-2 defeat to Derby wound down, I sat thinking to myself how hard it would be to review. Here was a game in which one team played poorly and lost, whilst the other one was better and won. No ‘what could have been’, no big talking points, no dodgy refereeing. An open and […]

Match Reaction: Doncaster Rovers (H) 17.09.13

Those of a certain persuasion will have had to tear themselves away from their copies of Grand Theft Auto V to get to Vicarage Road on Tuesday. Scourge of middle-class adults, an emblem of the degradation of society and a terrible role model for kids; yes, the underperformance of Watford’s foreign legion on Saturday meant […]

Incoming: Lewis McGugan

Our summer has so far consisted of a number of protracted transfer sagas – mostly involving the will they/won’t they decisions of the Udinese triggermen, but the two signings that the club have officially acknowledged (not, to this date, including Javier Acuña) has come out of relatively nowhere. On Sunday, news filtered out via Twitter […]