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Match Reaction: Leicester City (H) – 02/11/13

Sequels are rubbish. Jaws 2 was a stinker, the second and third Matrixes besmirched the good name of a classic and even the best film ever made – Anaconda – wasn’t safe from the clutches of a crap follow-up. Reboots are better: a chance to use the broad confines of a fictional world, but develop […]

Outgoing: Jonathan Hogg

To: Huddersfield (Undisclosed) Watford Career: 84 games (76 starts), 0 goals And so, to the final (hopefully) and most significant footballing departure of the summer: Jonathan Hogg completed his move north to Huddersfield Town on Monday, signing a three year deal with the Terriers for an undisclosed fee. He leaves Nyron Nosworthy as the sole […]

Top Five Moments: Part Five

Bugger. We deserve more than this. Anthony Knockaert puffs out his cheeks as he rocks from foot to foot. The exhaustion of the tie tells in his frantic breathing. The fan stands stock still, palms firmly pressed to his crown. Where the Frenchman pants, for the fan there is only one solitary gulp. The penalty […]

Watford 3-1 Leicester – YouTube Depository

So yesterday, this happened. And we reckon you may want to be reliving the moment, in all it’s various forms of glory, for some time. So here is your one-stop shop for YouTube videos of the final minute of that ludicrous day: Sky footage with Sky commentary – over 1 million views in less than […]

Watford’s Playoff Hopes Take A KerKnock – Leicester (A) 09/05/13 – Playoff Semi Final

I’m not sure how to feel about sitting here, the morning after the night before, with a 1-0 defeat in the bank. On the one hand, the thrashing that Watford received in the first twenty minutes, with Leicester having at least two extremely gilt-edged chances – worst of all Chris Wood’s skewed drive from a […]

The Run-In: Leicester City

ITWM is joined by Leicester City fan James Knight (@MFoxx2) to assess the club’s chances of promotion. Here it is – the business end of the season. With only two months plus change of league football to play, the online predictors are coming out, fixture lists are being scoured and prayers are being logged with […]