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One Year On – How This Season’s Signings Got On (Part I)

Your beloved writer once briefly flirted with the idea of becoming a teacher. While it became quickly evident that I didn’t have the required energy, passion or lack of disdain for all children, one thing I had in spades was the ability to harshly condemn individuals for their performance despite their best efforts. And so, […]

After Ipswich – ‘So You’re Telling Me There’s a Chance?’

It’s been a while since last we spoke. Life, y’know? Last time round, you’ll remember, I was calling for fans to be patient, not to expect and moreover demand success, and deem anything else as failure. Sod that, let’s go and win the thing. This Good Friday I was sitting in a holiday cottage in […]

Match Reaction: Stevenage 20/07/13

Just a quick reaction to the Stevenage game, here. We must make the most of these Saturdays not completely dominated by football while we can. Disclaimer: By saying that a certain player was unimpressive, I am not saying that they’re crap, that there’s no hope for them, or anything of the sort. I am saying […]

Incoming: Gabriele Angella

When Martin Taylor was controversially sold on August deadline day last season (remember that uproar?), the problem that most fans envisaged was not that it left us bereft of central defensive talent for the season ahead but that it was depriving us of a reliable leader, a top performer in previous years, and was putting […]