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Watford are great fun to watch and I will tell you why

That’s it. It’s a wrap. You can all start spending your weekends on other things. At least the four weekends until the World Cup starts. If you happened to miss the final instalment of Watford’s season against Manchester United, it consisted of dominating for most of the game, having more shots, producing about ten underhit […]

Selling the family Silva: Watford must regain their focus after Marco’s heave-ho

What a bloody mess. Marco Silva has been sacked after 24 games at Watford, a week before the end of the transfer window and with the club peering over the edge of a precipitous fall back into the Championship. Things like this usually set off the usual spurts of football tribalism: ‘our player can’t be […]

Andre Gray doesn’t care for your criticism

Slotting away the third and decisive goal at Newcastle on Saturday, his second for the club, Andre Gray immediately circled the goal and held his ears to the Watford fans located some miles above the pitch, fixing them with a steely death stare. This was a response to the by-no-means universal but vocal derision of […]

The crap backheel heard around the world

Summertime and the living is easy. Football is back again and amidst a world full of toss, this meaningless game is once more giving us a chance to escape into a box of concrete and forget our pains. We drew 3-3 with Liverpool. And there were three things therein that particularly pleased me: When Jose […]

Who’ll support Walter Mazzarri with me?

Last March I took to these pages to inform you all that Quique Sanchez Flores’s time in charge of Watford was up. A few weeks and ample criticism later, it was leaked that the scarfed one would be moved on after, and I’m paraphrasing, Gino Pozzo read that rant and realised he was onto a […]

Squeaky bum: Why the Pozzos could be considering Quique’s future

We learn from our duopolous local media that Quique Sanchez Flores is after a new long-term contract. The ‘tactical genius’ is, he says, in it for the long haul. One in the eye of the big clubs circling him. But my question to you is, does he deserve one? Although the nationals might occasionally paint […]

Knee-Jerk: Bolton Wanderers (H) 23.11.13

Having a broken phone is rubbish. Nowadays Football and Twitter go hand in hand to the extent that arriving at the ground not knowing the team was extremely disconcerting. That being said, I’ve got home following the 1-0 defeat to Bolton completely oblivious to what the general feeling is towards it. That, friends, is fantastically […]