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The Final Day – Preview

Here it is, we’ve got to the end of the three-legged race. Hull and Watford are the sole remnants of an undistinguished group, the rest of which have bowed out, felled by their own curious inability to put one foot in front of the other. The Tigers, in their scruffy, rarely-washed PE kit, are in the lead, […]

The Run-In: Hull City

In the latest of our looks at our competition in the race to the Premier League, ITWM is joined by Marcus Dysch (@MarcusDysch) to look at the fortunes of Hull City. Among the media buzz surrounding Wilfred Zaha, the controversy of the Pozzo family and the fireworks of Leicester’s form book, Hull have flown under the radar […]

The Run-In: Leicester City

ITWM is joined by Leicester City fan James Knight (@MFoxx2) to assess the club’s chances of promotion. Here it is – the business end of the season. With only two months plus change of league football to play, the online predictors are coming out, fixture lists are being scoured and prayers are being logged with […]