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Half-Term Report: Gianfranco Zola

By the time the summer transfer window finally slammed shut, those keeping an eye on Watford’s transfer activity would have needed four different appendages to count the players signing up for the first season of a brave new Watford world. With sixteen in total, it was not so much the quality of the players that […]

Outgoing: Nick Cox

November 2012. A great one for Watford FC. The blokes have gone undefeated, definitively putting themselves in the playoff reckoning, and the ladies’ side, not to be outdone, have continued their excellent nine game unbeaten run that stretches back to late September. Truly, everything is coming up yellow. However, the end of November does not […]

Fans’ Forum Transcript: Part Two – On the Pitch

Your four predecessors all gave same answer to this question. Which player impressed you most when you arrived? And don’t worry, Bob Paisley never knew his players’ names either! GZ: In terms of attitude they have all impressed me. Since I came I keep asking them to change things; things they’d been doing very well […]

Don’t Panic! (Part Two)

We wrap up our note to the overly worried Watford fans out there. It’s important to stress that we’re not asking you to stop being sceptical, not telling you to just shut up and like what’s going on at the club, just to be patient, and not act like the sky is falling.   None […]

Don’t Panic! (Part One)

‘Keep calm and carry on’. The words are enough to send any right-thinking person ducking for cover. In the last few years the words have gone from being a wistful hark back to the stoic days of triumph in adversity, the Blitz spirit, not letting a seemingly hopeless situation get you down, to a vapid […]

Changes on the Training Ground

Onto the footballing side of things, a side that holds very little certainty at this point. It seems likely that in a few hours the first press conference of Gianluca Nani, Scott Duxbury and Gianfranco Zola will announce that several prominent members of the Watford coaching staff have been relieved of their posts, following the […]