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Who’ll support Walter Mazzarri with me?

Last March I took to these pages to inform you all that Quique Sanchez Flores’s time in charge of Watford was up. A few weeks and ample criticism later, it was leaked that the scarfed one would be moved on after, and I’m paraphrasing, Gino Pozzo read that rant and realised he was onto a […]

Squeaky bum: Why the Pozzos could be considering Quique’s future

We learn from our duopolous local media that Quique Sanchez Flores is after a new long-term contract. The ‘tactical genius’ is, he says, in it for the long haul. One in the eye of the big clubs circling him. But my question to you is, does he deserve one? Although the nationals might occasionally paint […]

Never a Dull Moment – One Month, Four Coaches, No Idea

I hate international breaks. They’re two weeks of vacuous chat, interrupted briefly by crap football played by people that at best I respect for their significant ability, and at worst despise with all my being. The all-encompassing format that UEFA have introduced for the next European Championships means that we’ve had to suffer two of […]

Out With the Old… Beppe Sannino Departs

Beppe Sannino has resigned as Head Coach of Watford, eight and a half months after taking over. ITWM wades through the rumour to reflect on his short stint at the club. ‘I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep. I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.’  […]

A Potted History of Beppe Sannino

ITWM looks at Beppe Sannino’s managerial career to date… After an unheralded career as a central midfielder that took him to nine Serie C and D (the regional 3rd-5th tiers of Italian football) clubs in thirteen years, Beppe retired and took up work as a janitor for two years before returning to football as a […]

Giuseppe Sannino – The Right Man for the Job?

The king is dead, long live the king. The short-lived search for Zola’s successor was an interesting one. For the first time, there seemed to be no real limits to who could be appointed as Head Coach. The Pozzos may run their clubs shrewdly and without unnecessary financial outlay but, unlike previous owners, they do […]

The Walking Dead – Is change needed to stop this slump?

You’ll notice from this piece’s title that this is not match reaction to the Sheffield Wednesday per se. To any man who can knock out more than two paragraphs on it without a) losing the will to live, or b) completely deviating into general Watford chat I doff my cap.  No, as the 1-0 loss […]