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Fans’ Forum Transcript: Part One – Off-field Matters

It seems like forever since the Pozzos blew in with the summer wind, bringing with them a new vision for our lovely little club, can you believe it’s only been four months? Yesterday evening (01.11.12) saw the first Fans Forum held by the new management team, and covered a lot of bases, from the technicalities […]

Don’t Panic! (Part Two)

We wrap up our note to the overly worried Watford fans out there. It’s important to stress that we’re not asking you to stop being sceptical, not telling you to just shut up and like what’s going on at the club, just to be patient, and not act like the sky is falling.   None […]

Don’t Panic! (Part One)

‘Keep calm and carry on’. The words are enough to send any right-thinking person ducking for cover. In the last few years the words have gone from being a wistful hark back to the stoic days of triumph in adversity, the Blitz spirit, not letting a seemingly hopeless situation get you down, to a vapid […]

To Cat 3 or not to Cat 3… What the EPPP means for Watford

A few days after the club decided to downgrade the Harefield Academy, the jewel in Watford’s not hitherto illustrious crown, to the third category of the Elite Player Performance Plan, guest writer Nick Chainey (@NLFG) wonders what the implications of such a decision could be… Much has been made in the last few days of Watford’s decision […]

Changes in the Boardroom

The takeover of Watford by the Pozzo family is unmistakably a new chapter in the story of the football club. After the ambivalent, taciturn and thankfully brief reign of Laurence Bassini, Watford fans are gazing out onto the first stretches of a rollercoaster, genuinely uncertain of what direction it may take them, and where it […]