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Knee-Jerk: Bolton Wanderers (H) 23.11.13

Having a broken phone is rubbish. Nowadays Football and Twitter go hand in hand to the extent that arriving at the ground not knowing the team was extremely disconcerting. That being said, I’ve got home following the 1-0 defeat to Bolton completely oblivious to what the general feeling is towards it. That, friends, is fantastically […]

Match Reaction: Leicester City (H) – 02/11/13

Sequels are rubbish. Jaws 2 was a stinker, the second and third Matrixes besmirched the good name of a classic and even the best film ever made – Anaconda – wasn’t safe from the clutches of a crap follow-up. Reboots are better: a chance to use the broad confines of a fictional world, but develop […]