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Loan Report (September)

I know, I know: you’re sick of loans right? Well, for all you Martin Samuelses out there, here’s a novelty: a feature on proper English loanees (barring the Congolese bloke, the Irish one and the kind of Italian kid). Connor Smith has shown that anyone can get into the squad if they prove themselves good […]

Dissecting the Game: Bristol City (H) 22/09/12

Another good performance, another set of points snatched from our grasp. Whilst the Brighton game saw Watford dominate in fits and spurts, but fail to turn their possession into chances, Saturday saw them go one further rung up the ladder – lots of possession, lots of chances, few goals. It’s getting closer, but results need […]

Dissecting the Game: Brighton & Hove Albion (H) 18.09.12

It’ll come. It’ll come. Repeating the consoling words to yourself as you plod away from a darkening Vicarage Road is scant comfort when three points have once again left the stadium with the opposition. But it will. Craig Mackail-Smith’s penalty was enough to secure the Seagulls’ fourth win of the season, and consign Watford to […]

Don’t Panic! (Part Two)

We wrap up our note to the overly worried Watford fans out there. It’s important to stress that we’re not asking you to stop being sceptical, not telling you to just shut up and like what’s going on at the club, just to be patient, and not act like the sky is falling.   None […]

Don’t Panic! (Part One)

‘Keep calm and carry on’. The words are enough to send any right-thinking person ducking for cover. In the last few years the words have gone from being a wistful hark back to the stoic days of triumph in adversity, the Blitz spirit, not letting a seemingly hopeless situation get you down, to a vapid […]

Incoming: Neuton

Brazilians are great at football. There’s no getting around it. Each and every one of them. There are 50 year old road sweepers in the back streets of Sao Paolo who’d have Wayne Rooney comfort eating Greggs sausage rolls after one training session. One only needs to look at Watford’s one previous Brazilian jogador, Douglas […]

Incoming: Joel Ekstrand

We continue our look at the more under-the-radar August arrivals with Swedish defender Joel Ekstrand. With Martin Taylor gone – and Gianfranco not too happy about it – the race is on to find a partner for Nyron Nosworthy to shore up the back line that shifted five goals to Derby before the international break. […]